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Asset Recovery

Knowledgeable & Professional

Our team represents over 25 years of experience in the industrial appraisal and in the technology secondary grey market.  Strategically located in the Heart Land of America has allowed us to gain tremendous advantage in provides affordable and reliable logistics services for the Central region of The United States. 

From The global 2000, The Fortune 500 to the family owned business, our first order of business on any potential project, is to determine how our clients define success.  Every disposition project is different, mutually defining success prior to engaging in a contract is critical to a working relationship.  At eUnicomp, we recognize the fact that we are in the service business and that our clients always come first.  

When you hire eUnicomp you hiring the firm that has been instrumental in the development of our industries most currently used platforms and technologies.  At eUnicomp we understand and utilize the most contemporary as well as personalized marketing approaches currently available on the internet.   We take advantage of all the current technologies because we understand technology and we embrace it.  We are the team that will provide unparallel service and through the use of current technologies, get you the highest return for your assets.

Our 28,000 SF warehouse with complete inventory support ranges from counts and process mapping to compliance audits and Pick and Pack operations.
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